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Main Features
  • Low Power.

  • Compact design.

  • PAL Video Output.

  • GigE Vision Compatible.

  • Xilinx Zynq FPGA/Processor.

  • Upto 24-bit Parallel Video Input.

  • RS485 Serial Interface for commands.

  • Built-in Shutter Motor Driver for IR Cores.

  • Debug Interface (Serial, Parallel).

  • GigE Vision Control Protocol (GVCP).

  • GigE Vision Stream Protocol (GVSP).


The STIRA STES-CIB Board is a GigE compatible vision converter that takes parallel video input (can support Camera Link input) and converts it into a GigE vision standard. The converter can stream video at maximum resolution 1024x768 and at maximum 110 FPS.

STIRA Camera Interface Board supports all video types including Mono8 and Mono16. It can output a test pattern video for debugging and it has packet delay support. Also, the converter is compatible with Pleora eBUS Player.

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